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About Our Firm

Forest Light Capital acquires and grows businesses in traditional industries that have a proven track record of revenue and profits, stable cash flows, minimal debt and positive reputation in the market. We enjoy running and growing businesses and are committed to meeting (and exceeding) investor expectations. 


Our industry specialization includes:

(i) E-commerce dental and medical supply distribution

(ii) Freight and produce transportation & logistics

(iii) Commercial cleaning and building maintenance

(iv) Healthcare service delivery and

(v) Commercial and industrial insulation. 


We continue to explore other sectors that deliver similar consistency of results. 


Our team of seasoned managers understand business operations, talent management, finance and implementing sale & marketing rigor to drive growth. 


We have over 45 investors in our network and continue to invite new participation. Investors are already receiving cash distributions from the company, or companies, they have invested in with us. These distributions come on a monthly or quarterly basis, and investors are pleased by the regularity and consistency of profit distributions.

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